Ready Mix concrete is also very well known as RMC. It is referred to as a specifically batched or manufactured for construction projects and is supplied as a single product to the customer’s site. RMC-Ready mix concrete is usually expressed in terms of cubic meters and is bought or sold on the basis of its volume. Ready Mix concrete-RMC is believed to be eco-friendly because mixing is done in closed chambers, thus reducing noise and air pollution. 

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The first factory of ready-mix was built in the 1930s, the industry then began to expand significantly until the 1960s, and it has continued to grow since then.

RMC is often used over the other materials due to its cost and wide range of building uses, especially in large projects like high rise buildings and bridges. Compared with the life span of other products of similar use, like roadways, it has a higher and longer lifespan.

It has a life span of around 30 years on an average under high traffic area in comparison with the 10-12-year life of asphalt concrete with the same traffic.

Types Of Ready Mix Concrete-RMC

There are three kinds of RMC concrete relying on the mixing of numerous ingredients:

1.The Transit Mixed Concrete 

Transit mixed concrete is the most commonly utilized kind of ready-mix concrete through building construction providers. A cluster of Transit mixed concrete alludes to the concrete, which isn’t prepared at a manufacturing unit or a cement factory. Instead, the concrete constituents are bunched at the manufacturing RMC plant and afterward added to the vehicle truck.

While shipping from the plant to the building site, the parts are mixed to make the concrete. This is the explanation that it is additionally alluded to as truck mixed concrete. This technique for mixing isolates water from the concrete and guarantees the concrete to be mixed and prepared to use after arriving at the building site. The advantage of utilizing a transit mixed concrete is that it forestalls the problems of slum loss or early hardening of the concrete.

2. The Shrink Mixed Concrete

The other kind of ready-mix concrete regularly utilized by building construction providers is none another than the Shrink Mixed Concrete. It alludes to the type of ready-mix concrete, completely ready at the manufacturing plants. The constituents are introduced to the batching plants, and the modifications are made according to the quality prerequisites of the concrete. At that point, the concrete is shifted through a concrete pump for transportation purposes. The motivation behind utilizing shrink-blended cement is to enhance the load capacity of the transport vehicle.

3. The Central Mixed Concrete

The central mixed concrete is utilized when the batch quality needs to be perfect. The concrete is mixed

and ready at a stationary unit, and afterward, it undertones all the required tests to guarantee the appropriate Quality, and once it is endorsed. At precisely that point, the concrete is permitted to be shipped to the building site. Such concrete is otherwise called wet batch plants. Nonetheless, building construction providers don’t favor it as the procedure is tedious.

Ready Mix Concrete-RMC Advantages

So, what are the advantages of Ready Mix Concrete? Are you ready to find out? Check below:


At the construction sites, the workers make and prepare the concrete. Regardless of how much exactness is placed in, toward the day’s end, a machine’s output will consistently win the efforts set out by human labor. When the concrete is preparing at the construction site, then there are chances of inconsistency. The state-of-the-art manufacturing machine produces excellent quality concrete that is equipped at the building construction sites.

It’s an easy investment

You don’t have to have storage units committed to storing concrete batches; it also dampens the amount of time that it takes for the workforce to make batches of concrete .

There is No Wastage

The RMC concrete ensures no unnecessary wastage of the product and deals with the concrete’s first hardening problem. You can also create only a concrete mix as much as required and make more batches if needed. If you opt for ready mix concrete for building construction services, there will never be a half bag of concrete left unused.

It is eco friendly 

Ready-mix concrete will be the right choice for you if you are building a construction service company inclined towards the green constructions. Noise and air pollution can be caused due to the preparation of the concrete mix in open structure because of which the ready-mix concrete is prepared and is created in the closed premises. It is excellent for the environment, as well.

It is Customizable

It is believed that different construction models have numerous different strength requirements. Thus, it is of utmost importance that the concrete composition should be altered for varied purposes. RMC concrete provides you with the ability to do so without undergoing any hassle. Therefore, it is easy to find a suitable foundation mix concrete regardless of what project you’re working on.

The Final Takeaway!!

We hope that this post has helped you walk you through the benefits of utilizing ready-mix concrete. Of course, there are some disadvantages as well but the Ready Mix concrete advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Now, you know the benefits of Ready Mix Concrete-RMC and like to utilize it for your construction projects. Fortunately, Concrete India is there to help you with all your RMC needs !!

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